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The particular nature of food and everything related to it, makes this an industry with special requirements in terms of storage, shipping and handling.

There are different reasons for this specialized approach:

● Because of preservability, perishability, special storage may be required, for example temperature controlled.

● Some types of foodstuffs and food related products are subject to certain licenses and certificates regarding warehouse conditions, e.g. HACCP.

● TCL can offer a tailor-made, individual approach to your business. We understand that with food, you’ll need full traceability. More specifically you’ll want personalized information for your business. As we work with a very flexible system that can be customized to your wishes, we can fulfill this demand.

● An example: an Israeli company importing caps for cardboard beverage packing needs an inventory per individual cap, instead of an inventory percarton or per pallet. They need to know exactly where, in which factory and during which production shift the caps were made. We made sure this information was available during the entire supply chain process.

● A lot of food and food related products require a phytosanitary or food safety inspection before they can be cleared through customs. TCL will take care of both inspections at our own facility, this being an officially recognized location by the FASFC (Federal Agency for Safety of the Food Chain). Combined with our AEO certificate, we can do all required sample survey, without involving third logistic suppliers.

● TCL is a recognized link in the logistics chain for BIO (=organic) products, in compliance with all specific requirements.

As a family business, we take pride in our flexible, dynamic and individual approach. We can quickly decide on putting everything necessary in place for your food transport. Of course, this is always done as partners, in consultation with you.

Some of our clients in the industry:

Case – Food & Food Related

Central distribution point for Mexican beverages A Mexican producer of tequila was looking for a central point of distribution to serve all its EU clients. Buyers are located in Austria, France, Germany and...

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