Whether you organize direct shipments or you’re looking for intermediary storage… you’ll want the transportation process to run smoothly and cost-effectively. Part of the solution lies in well monitored port haulage and a seamless connection to your inland destinations. Because TCL is part of the Wouters group, with its own trucking company ‘Transport Th. Wouters’, we hold all pieces of the puzzle. By providing all services in one place, TCL easily connects the dots and makes everything work efficiently.

Own fleet of trucking units and container chassis

The trucking activities started in 1938 as ‘Transport Th. Wouters’, a hauler specialized in domestic and international road haulage. This family business was once the base out of which TCL was created. Now it operates as a company within the group. As a sister company of TCL, Transport Th. Wouters takes care of all road services in Europe, as such or integrated into a multimodal project. We can guarantee a reliable and efficient service that integrates seamlessly with all our other services.

On time delivery

To assure and monitor the quality of the on time deliveries, all trucks are equipped with a modern tracking and tracing system, enabling our dispatch center to spot the exact location of our entire fleet in real time. The tracking system, combined with an on-board computer system, enables us to communicate in real time with the drivers. This allows us to provide the most accurate information about your freight. At the same time, it enables us to be in full compliance with all legal aspects of modern transport.


Transport Th. Wouters and TCL were amongst the first Belgian logistic providers to be honored with an AEO certificate (comparable and compatible with C-TPAT in the US). This certificate is a seal of quality, security and compliance with legal procedures, awarded and surveyed by the European customs authorities. It not only proves that we are a reliable partner, it also has important advantages for your cargo flow.

Customs will often consider the flows handled by an AEO-certified company in order with all applicable procedures, and therefore needing less control by the authorities themselves. This of course will have a positive influence on timing and costs.

New fleet every 5 year

A revolving replacement program assures that no trucking unit in the fleet is older than 5 years. That way, our truck fleet offers a sustainable, reliable and modern transport solution you can count on. It is also the reason behind the fact that all our trucks operate exclusively with the newest and most ecological engines… This is only one example to show how we contribute to a cleaner environment.

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