One of the most important aspects for trading companies is of course commercial confidentiality. Being aware of this, TCL makes sure the shipping and transport process runs smoothly and discreetly.

As a trader, you ship your goods from the manufacturer to your end-buyer, and you need utter discretion when it comes to commercial information.

When shipping the goods from the site of the supplier to the site of the buyer, the manufacturer is not allowed to know the end-buyer. The end-buyer, on the other hand, is not allowed to know where the trader bought the goods. To cover this necessity, TCL will neutralize and replace all documents and labels, always in accordance with legislation. Thanks to our local agents worldwide and our bonded warehouse facilities, we can guarantee 100% confidentiality of all commercial information.

As an established freight forwarder, we can also issue an accepted TCL House Bill of Lading (HBL).

Some of our clients in the industry:

Case – Traders

Full service excise bonded warehouse As a country with a beautiful beer tradition, we are proud to have many breweries amongst our clients. Breweries from Belgium and other EU countries use our excise...

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