Warehousing and distribution

Logistic services provided in our own warehouses are the backbone of our door-to- door solutions. It’s the central hub of all the services we offer. You can take this quite literally as well, because the TCL warehouses are situated in the port of Antwerp, at the very heart of Europe.

Port of Antwerp: at the heart of Europe

TCL is located in the port of Antwerp. The port of Antwerp is the central hub in Europe:

  • Geographically located in the center of Europe
  • Accessible for the largest ocean vessels
  • Every country in Europe can be reached in 2 to 3 days
  • Short distance for containers from dock to warehouse
  • Unique fiscal situation: in Belgium we can offer flexible fiscal representation and interesting tax deferral procedures.
  • Fiscal representation for imports as well as for exports for all shipments in or out of the EU through the Port of Antwerp

Our warehouses

Because of above mentioned advantages the TCL warehouses are the perfect location for the setup of your European distribution and/or consolidation center. Even your most demanding logistic needs can be answered, thanks to the perfect geographical location combined with fiscal advantages.

Because we can offer complete solutions and any logistics service you can think of, TCL is your preferred one-stop- shopping point. Some examples of extra services we can offer:

  • container handling with our own mobile cranes on our own container depot
  • railway connection leading into the warehouse for the handling of weather sensitive cargoes.
(775.000 sq) warehouse for bonded, free cargo and excise commodities
rack storage
floor storage
(3200 sq) temperature controlled storage
(215.000 sq ft) secured outside storage for conventional cargo
of the European buying power is in a 500 km range of the port of Antwerp

Warehouse management system: tailor-made to your needs

All of our warehouses are equipped with our central WMS or Warehouse Management system. You will have real time visibility of your own inventory and the possibility to check the status of your orders. All shipment related documents are at the tip of your finger… everywhere, anytime.

The WMS can be completely customized to your needs. Because we know you’re concerned about your goods, we make sure you can manage your stock, without having to contact TCL for every possible detail. For example order picking instructions can be given through the WMS portal. If required, we will develop ad hoc EDI interfaces to your personal needs.

We can take this even further and integrate our services into your own WMS or ERP. We are currently working in an integrated way on SAP, Oracle or any other ERP for some of our clients. To make this work, there’s no separate interface needed. In that sense, you can actually manage your business, working on your system, reporting through your system…while TCL provides accommodation and logistics.

Value added services

Do you need any service like cutting or slicing, bulking of big bags, rapackaging from big bag to smaller bags, …? TCL is sure to offer a full answer to your needs.

Learn more about our value added services.

Looking for a full-service logistics partner?

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