Customs and fiscal representation

If you want to do business in the EU, you’ll face lots of intricate regulations, duties and complex formalities. To make sure your business will not be influenced by any issuesconcerning customs, you can rely on TCL for your EU-trade.

TCL still has its own dedicated customs brokerage department: a team of specialists whose sole occupation is to take care of your customs formalities. They are experienced in the complex regulations and formalities and know the details of EU customs.

Fiscal representation

TCL can operate as your fiscal representation. This means that we – as a tax-registered company – can act as your company’s local representative. You can benefit from the same VAT (Value Added Tax) advantages as those enjoyed by EU companies.

No VAT pre financing

One of the most important advantages of fiscal representation is that you will have full VAT compliance in Europe and you can improve your cash flow by participating in VAT-deferral schemes. Your cargo, for any EU destination, will be cleared through customs by TCL upon arrival in Antwerp. This means you do not have to pre-finance local VAT, representing an average of 20% of the CIF-value for most of the commodities.

VAT-deferral is a unique service we can offer as a Belgian company.

The system of VAT-deferral is possible for all goods that are transferred immediately to their destination, but also for goods that are temporarily stored in our bonded warehouses.

Easy set-up as a non-eu company

When we act as your fiscal representation, you will not have to create a legal entity in the EU. This makes your set-up as a non-EU-company very easy. After import formalities with fiscal representation, your transactions will be treated as any normal transaction between parties in the EU.

No bureaucracy

Avoid intricate formalities and endless bureaucracy, language issues or the risk of high penalties of Tax authorities. TCL takes care of everything, no language issues. You can concentrate on your core business: selling your products. TCL will take care of correct declaration and all necessary formalities (including Intrastat declaration).

At the centre of the EU

The port of Antwerp has a unique inland position and offers the perfect gateway to all countries in Europe. Did you know 60% of the European buying power is located in a range of 500 km from Antwerp? This makes our port attractive with major importers to position their European distribution centre.

You want to import in the EU and need some advice, or complete guidance? We’re here to help.

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