On-demand consultancy for French car manufacturer

One of our clients is a Chinese producer of car consoles with audio-, navigation and communication systems. The Chinese producer offered his products to a French car manufacturer.

The car manufacturer used to buy these products from a local supplier, but the Chinese manufacturer offered them at a very competitive price. Still he hesitated to switch, because he did not want to face the burden of all formalities regarding customs, duties and VAT.

“Our global network made it possible to facilitate the cooperation between the French and Chinese trader”

Thanks to our vast network of global partners, we managed to work out a scheme of just-in-time-deliveries and fiscal representation to facilitate the cooperation between the French and Chinese trader. We were able to meet the needs and demands of both buyer and seller, taking care of all necessary paperwork and dealing with all regulations of taxes and duties. Even more, the Chinese producer did not have to create a legal entity in the EU, avoiding extra time and costs.

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