TCL joins test project “Social distancing” by VIL

Posted by Tim Wouters
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Social distancing

As long as there is no vaccine, social distancing measures will continue to play an important role in controlling COVID-19. It is a major challenge for production companies, retailers and logistics service providers to always maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between their operators.

That is why VIL makes 300 test kits with social distancing alarms available to companies with logistics operations.

Daily struggle

In the supply chain, many people work in close contact with each other. Loading and unloading trucks, order picking, sorting, value added logistics,…. Keeping sufficient distance while performing these tasks is not obvious.

Many employers do not know how to offer sufficient guarantees and the fear of being infected remains with the employees.

Belgian/Flemish technology

In consultation with the Logistics Resilience Taskforce, a shortlist was drawn up of Belgian / Flemish technology players who have developed a deliverable wearable that monitors the distance rule.

The technology (UWB vs. BLE) and maturity vary, but all wearables emit an audible and / or vibration signal upon violation.

The devices that were selected for these (infrastructure-independent) tests were developed by Flanders Make, Lopos, Rombit and WMW / Option.


Picture of Romware wearable bracelet with social distancing feature

As we already mentioned in our September 2019 news post, that plenty of other functionalities could be added, Rombit has shown immediate response to the current need during the COVID-19 crisis by adding this new “Social distancing” functionality.

This shows how fast and easy new features can be added in an ever evolving and changing world.


We are looking forward to compare the different devices in different circumstances and different scenario’s.

Also the feedback from our employees, as well as the final conclusion from VIL, is something we look forward to.

Exploring better ways to guarantee everyones safety in a dynamic work environment, is crucial for us.

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